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Our experienced and highly skilled engineers participate in the engineering design of a project from the early stages of architectural concept design to accurately and economically define the structural systems. We are heavily working on complex and non-planar structures where structural system functions are also defined on the components of architectural design.

Construction & Management

FORTUNA provides construction-contracting and construction management services based on the client’s needs, priorities and project scale in the forms of design-build, lump-sum (fixed price), unit price based, construction cost-plus, time & material contracts…


At FORTUNA, we don’t just build structures. We believe in creating spaces that aren’t just beautiful, but functional, sustainable, and resilient. With our unyielding passion for design, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we deliver architectural solutions that surpass expectations every time.


FORTUNA is offering reliable and efficient structural strengthening solutions. Our dedicated team of experienced structural engineers begins by conducting a meticulous structural assessment. We employ conventional or non-destructive testing techniques to identify potential areas of concern.