Construction & Management

FORTUNA provides construction-contracting and construction management services based on the client’s needs, priorities and project scale in the forms of design-build, lump-sum (fixed price), unit price based, construction cost-plus, time & material contracts, overseeing the conceptual design phase to managing construction permitting, from construction operations management to post-construction operational planning.

Selecting appropriate construction method along with the right – high quality material – labor selection in the projects we have undertaken, maximizes the customer satisfaction while minimizing the initial investment and potential operating costs.

Completion of the construction projects on time and within the budget target is one of our first priorities.

FORTUNA maintains general contractor licenses from the State of California and Turkey.

FORTUNA also provides architectural design services within construction-contracting services.

Architectural services are given in architectural design, interior design and landscape design sub-disciplines, and by working closely with the customers and determining the project needs, FORTUNA produces functional, aesthetic and original building designs.

The project management process, which starts with the preparation of architectural and engineering projects per customer demands, continues with the selection of optimized building system and materials, application of value engineering, preparation of project budget and schedule, their implementation, orchestrating contractors and subcontractors and delivering the project with success.