Featured Projects

15 July Martyrs Monument

Soake Japanese Restaurant, Joali

Evrim Schools Restitution and Restoration

Sharjah Grand Mosque and Cultural Center Complex

St. Esprit Cathedral Refectory and Offices’ Renovation

Stone Canyon Residence

Viceroy Hotel (Bebekoy Old French Orphanage)

Yilmazer Mining Aggregate Production Plant

Amcazade Saeside Palace Buildings

Kadikoy Great Mosque and Auxiliary Buildings

Notre Dame de Lourdes Church Renovation

Bomonti Mary Apt.

Sinan Erdem Basketball Arena

Tunuslu Hayrettin Pasha Mansion

St. Pierre Apartment Unit Remodelling

15 July Martyrs Museum and Masjit

Hekimbasi Historical Hunting Lodge Restoration

Dolaybagi Single Family Dwelling

Zincirlikuyu Mosque

Alpmed Medical Office Building

Adam Anders Residence

Sheikh Murad Tomb

Cekmekoy Pet Rehabilitation Park

Musician Institute – Hollywood Boulevard Building

Nafi Baba Lodge