Canopy Structure for Divrigi Great Mosque and Hospital

Divrigi Great Mosque and Hospital built in 1228–1229 by the local dynasty of the Mengujekids in the small Anatolian town of Divrigi, Sivas. The exquisite carvings and architecture of both buildings place them among the most important works of architecture in Anatolia and led to their inclusion on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1985. Restoration works, which is managed and overseen by Vakiflar General Directorate, to protect and improve the structures wellbeing and transfer it to future generations began recently. We, as per Vakiflar General Directorate’s request, designed and engineered a 45 meters long free span heavy timber structure to protect the historical monument from the harsh weather conditions of the site while the restoration works undergo.



City, Country

Sivas, Turkey

Building Type

Long Span Structures, Special Structures

Building Function


Structural System

Heavy Timber

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